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Date Added: April 8, 1999

It's not over yet!

Martin Carr is in the process of writing a new album!! As of now, he has penned around 25 new tracks, and, according to an inside source, they're the best stuff he's done. He hopes to release the album sometime in the year 2000 under the name Brave Captain.

In site news, the ticker on the main page hit 10,000 today! Thanks to all of you who have shown your support and shared your interest.

On a related note, the message board has finally settled down again, and the Brave Captain himself has returned. (All of you who jumped ship to Creation's can return now...)

Also, I apologize for the lack of attention this site has been given recently. I had been working on a brand new frames site (you can see the neat-o graphics and main page here) but I have decided to stick with this URL. It's too much of a hassle to rewrite the HTML, and I kind of like this place. *sniff*

Date Added: February 1, 1999

from Creation Records:

01:02:99 : The Boo Radleys split

The Boo Radleys have gone their seperate ways. A spokesman for the band says:

'They feel that they have achieved everything that they can as The Boo Radleys and are to pursue other projects. The decision was not an easy one, the band have been friends for almost 20 years and still hold a great love for one another. Tim, Bob, Sice and Martin would like to express their love and gratitude to their fans for their support over the last 10 years. Boo! forever'

Date Added: January 22, 1999

Sorry for the lack of updates recently -- I've been keeping myself quite busy!

US release of Kingsize is this Tuesday (January 26)! Album will be released on CD through Never Records and will include the bonus track Put Your Arms Around me and Tell Me Everything's Going to be OK. The new single, Kingsize, will be released in England on February 15 on 2 part CD form, as well as 10" vinyl.

Creation's site is back up, featuring much fancy Shockwave, but little content as yet. And don't think about visiting their forum! There's a perfectly good one right here....

Billboard Magazine has reviewed the new album, and it is posted in the Media section. Also, many thanks to Etienne Sautereau for typing up the lyrics to Kingsize. Those are available in the Lyrics/Tab section.

Date Added: December 26, 1998

New American versions of Free Huey (12" single) and Kingsize (the album, CD format) are now available for pre-order! The expected release date for Free Huey is January 12 and Kingsize is still confirmed for release on January 26.

Date Added: December 5, 1998

The new album release is confirmed! IceMusic Magazine has the release date set for January 26, 1999. For more information on Never records (the distributor), check out their site.

Also, the previous concert rumour has proved untrue. However, the looming tour rumour still remains. I'll post more info when it arises.

Date Added: November 26, 1998

Much unconfirmed (yet altogether excellent!) news to tell. Recently, both the 5 points Music Hall, and have reported a concert (!) appearance on December 5th in Birmingham, Alabama. Follow this link for more information.

Also, the tacolad reported on the newly revived message board that the Boos have found their US record label. It will be released by the Never Records Group on January 26, 1999. ((When searching for anything on the label, this is all I could find)) Also, according to the same source "maybe a US tour possible..." Keep those fingers crossed!

Also, a correction: Kingsize (the single) will be released February 15th instead of in January.

Date Added: November 13, 1998

New release information! Kingsize, the single, will be out January 1st. Like its predecessor, it will be released in two-part CD format, CRESCD312 and CRESCD312X.

Date Added: November 7, 1998

Well, not much news, exactly, but some things of interest. Secret track found on the CD version of Kingsize called Tranquillo (just rewind from track one). Lyrics have been posted (thanks Blue Boy) on the message board.

Also, Martin and Sice have provided single reviews in the latest Melody Maker, so you might want to check that out.

The Lyrics/Tab section is still under construction, but if you would like to see the work in progress, just click here.

It has also been brought to my attention that many of my fellow Americans are still confused about the release of Kingsize. Here's the deal: As of this date, it will not be released in the US. If you don't have a trusty record store near you (with a good import selection), you can order it online for a very reasonable price at

Date Added: October 15, 1998

Very flattering review from NME! Read on!:

BOO RADLEYS | Kingsize | (Creation)

Like the man hollers, you've gotta be all you can be. It's a philosophy Martin Carr has pursued since 'Lazarus' ushered in the rock experimentalism of 'Giant Steps'. Since then he's played the perky pop prince, then wrapped himself in the cloak of the eclectic pop weirdo. Now, with 'Kingsize', Mart attempts to become omnipresent. And damn near succeeds.

"I've shed my dirty old skin/Grown a brand new feelin'/I'm closer to God!" he booms through his earthly mouthpiece of Sice on 'High As Monkeys' and - lo! - there are chamber orchestras on high. "Let there be techno!" Martin bellows and - bloop! - 'Blue Room In Archway' and the single 'Free Huey' are spattered with stampeding rhino beats. "Let Sice be sexy!" he cackles and - parp-swoosh! - 'The Old Newsstand At Hamilton Square' finds The Eggman transmogrified into a baggy-eyed Bond, all David Arnold brass and dub splashes.

If 'Wake Up!' and 'C'Mon Kids' had failings, it was that they were blatant stabs at The Pop Thing and The Kook Thing respectively. On 'Kingsize', the Boos do Their Own Thing. They go Bacharach on 'Jimmy Webb Is God', Ashcroft on 'She Is Everywhere' and, er, Jimmy Webb on 'Comb Your Hair' - not through look-ma!-we're-KER-AY-ZEE! tokenism but because they bleedin' well feel like it, la.

And lo, His Almightiness Martin Carr looked down upon 'Kingsize' and he saw it was good. Another pop classic in fact. And yet, dizzying though it is, he still knows it's not all he can be... 9/10

Date Added: October 9/11, 1998

Lots going on in the BooUniverse. With the release of Free Huey, the once perpetually silent media is waking up to the new Boos. Recent articles from QMagazine,, and NME. Here's the review from Q:

Weller-antagonising kings of post-everything return with second, louder wind. A long career harassing the charts and the human ear continues yet further as The Boo Radleys - Liverpool's answer to The Beatles - bring us possibly their most forceful and fully realised exploration of what they call pop and we call abject quivering terror. Kingsize is littered with obtuse titles like Adieu Clo Clo and Free Huey that could only have meaning for sole songwriter Martin Carr and his pramside chum, singing Boo Sice Rowbotham, but this obscurity runs next to some typically marvellous tunes. Carr's heroes are tributed with unusual force on High As Monkeys and the almost self-explanatory Jimmy Webb Is God. At times, this record sounds like Phil Spector and Brian Wilson wrestling for control of the universe, at others it's John Lennon on acid late at night whispering to his harmonium, but generally it's what The Boo Radleys do best; big tunes done louder.

****(4 Stars)

--David Quantick

Date Added: October 6, 1998

Hey hey, all! Free Huey is out! Of course, if you're like poor me (in the US), you probably don't have it yet... Don't fret! You can hear a sample of it here. Bit dancy, eh?

Anyhow, NME reviewed the single (single of the week!!!), and here's what they had to say:

"... And they might be superstars if it wasn't for those pesky kids. The little brats bought 'Wake Up, Boo!' as if it came with a free Tamagotchi smeared with crack, taunting The Boo Radleys with a glimpse of fame and fortune. But when the Boos tried to lead them into the Promised Land of rock eclecticism with a cry of "C'mon kids!" they all pissed off to try and snog Mansun. No wonder, as the Boos blast back against Apathy '98, we find Sice barricaded indoors as a mob of rampaging ankle-biters roam the streets chanting, "FREE HUEY! FREE HUEY!" "Don't answer any knocks at the door/Keep your hand on the weapon beside you", he grumbles, not so much the Pied Piper of rock this time round, more Oscar The Grouch with a 'piece'. It can't last, of course. "You've got to be ALL YOU CAN BE!" Sice barks as a shower of big-beat hailstones descend, a rush made all the more vital by the fact that, in a week when every Tom, Dick and Siouxsie has tried to grapple with the dance beast, only The Boo Radleys manage to ride the tiger with any kind of passion or belief."

Also, Melody Maker's recent issue had an interview with the Boos in Paris. I'll post it when I have the time.

And you know you gotta be...

Date Added: September 23, 1998

I have recently received an email from CDnow stating that, if you purchase anything through this link, you will receive five dollars off. You can buy other items too, you don't have to just buy Boo stuff, and the minimum purchase is $10. This would be a good chance to buy any of those import singles at a good price!

Date Added: September 21, 1998

From: Indie World

The Boo Radleys are to appear at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street (London) on Sunday 18 October. They will be doing a special instore event, the doors open at 10pm and the band will perform a live set, they will then be available to sign copies of the new album as they go on sale at midnight. Entry is by ticket only, and the tickets are available now from Virgin on Oxford Street, be quick - they are limited to 500.

Date Added: September 12, 1998

Two pieces of news: First, the SoncicNet concert ended up being a bust (how they confused Bernard Butler with Boo Radleys I'll never know). Second, I have recently added a new subdirectory, "Connect" that you can see to the left. This, if you haven't visited yet, contains the chat room and the brand new bulletin board. Come check it out!

Less than a month 'till Free Huey...

Date Added: September 8, 1998

NME recently did a special report on the 'Rock the Dock' album benefiting Liverpool's struggling dockers. Here's an excerpt:

The Boo Radleys' Martin Carr and Sice...said they were mostly apolitical, but felt the issue was so close to home that they had to get involved. "We grew up in the '80s," Carr said, "in the days of Paul Weller, Billy Bragg and Red Wedge. And when you're 14 you're bored. The only politics you're into are that 'politics of life' bullshit. I remember reading the NME in 1984 and not being able to understand it. But then you realise this stuff is real life and it's happening now." Carr was critical of the government's apathy towards the dockers. "The Government is trying to make this new century into something. What about helping these people or giving people homes rather than building something that people will be using as a toilet (the Millennium Dome) in six months' time."

Date Added: September 6, 1998

Just thought that I'd sum up the finalized album and single information:

5 Oct Free Huey (Part 1/2): CD, 12"
           Free Huey (Part 2/2): CD, 7"

19 Oct Kingsize: CD, Limited 7",12", MC

Date Added: September 3, 1998

SonicNet recently has posted that there will be a Boo Radleys RealVideo cybercast on Monday, September 21, 8:00 PM EDT. (The RealPlayer can be downloaded here) However, because this has not been listed on the events calendar yet, it may still be tentative. Keep those fingers crossed!

Date Added: August 31, 1998

Here's a recent article from QOnline on the Boos:

The Boo Radleys return to action on 5th October with the release of a new single, Free Huey. The track takes its title from Huey Newton a prominent member of the Black Panther Movement in America during the 1960s. The band's new album Kingsize will be released on 19th October. All 14 songs were written by Martin Carr and produced by the band.

Also, 'Captain Carr' is back online. He has posted recently on Imusic's Boo Radleys Bulletin Board, and, from the sounds of it, the American label has not yet been secured. Also, because of my Freestats tracking service, I have seen that he has visited this site. (Who knew Martin was an AOL user?!?) See you all next newsbreak!

P.S. - If any of you want to contact me, you can sign the guestbook here, my AolIM name is yhskrow, and, my email is

Date Added: August 21, 1998

    Ack! Okay! I'm sorry I couldn't have reported this earlier! I have found out the tracklist for the new album! Here it is:

1.  Blueroom In Archway
2.  The Old Newsstand In Hamilton Square
3.  Free Huey
4.  Monuments For A Dead Century
5.  Heaven's At The Bottom Of This Glass
6.  Kingsize
7.  High As Monkeys
8.  Eurostar
9.  Adieu Clo Clo
10.  Jimmy Webb Is God
11.  She Is Everywhere
12.  Comb Your Hair
13.  Song From The Blueroom
14.  The Future Is Now

My source on this is NME Online, so this may be old news to some of you. Here's an excerpt from the article:

THE BOO RADLEYS release a new single, 'Free Huey', on October 5 followed by a new album, 'Kingsize', on October 19. The album, which is poppier than 1996's 'C'mon Kids', is their sixth.

The source on my previous update was CDzone UK. I was a tad reluctant to give this out, due to my deal with CDnow, but I've overcome that now. You can check out the prices there (in pounds), but preordering is not available yet.

Also, it has been called to my attention that, though they may have stuck with Creation for the UK release, the Boos may be having problems with Mercury/Polygram for their USA release. Any of you Americans willing to shell out over 20$ for the import? That's what I thought!

Unfortunately, Christian Downton's webpage on Geocities has disappeared without a trace. Sad because that was my inspiration to do this page, and was one of the most complete on the web. If this webpage has moved while I was gone, would someone please tell me?

I have been told that the next issue of the quarterly magazine 'The Big Takeover' will include an interview with Martin Carr. Keep those eyes peeled!

It's good to be home...

Date Added: August 4, 1998

    New album and single information! The new album's name is confirmed to be Kingsize, and the first single will be Free Huey. The single will be released on October 2nd, and the album on October 16th. As it turns out, these albums will be released through Creation Records; so if there were any problems before, they seem to have been solved. The single, apparently will be released in a two-part CD format, and the album on CD and LP.

The albums' id#s are CRECDCD228 and CRELP228.
The single's id is CRESCD299(x).

Remember: You heard it here first!