Címon kids Címon kids Címon kids donít do yourself down Throw out your arms for a new sound Pretty face it donít mean a thing If you look so same as your crowd Work all day it donít mean a thing With the sun always outside your window Fuck the ones who tell you that life Is merely a time before dying Look for the box and find whatís inside Youíll never find it till you have done And fuck the ones who tell you that life Is merely a time before dying i know itís hard to do But have we ever let you down Címon kids Meltinís Worm (for Foam Tomb + Nacho Plea) Have you heard of Meltinís Worm, it crawled right into this house, the dividends of grubby hands And putting them into your mouth. It set up shop and would not stop gorging whatever Meltin could eat, its exquisite taste, it went to waste On a diet consisting of sweets, the doctor came and laid the blame on Meltinís nails he was bitiní, he made demands they didnít understand Ďcos they couldnít read his writing, it grew and grew and it knew that time was on its side It got such a size you could see its eyes when Meltin opened his WIDE, but thereís just one thing it cares about KEEPMEALWAYSKEEPMEALWAYSKEEPME ALWAYSKEEPME Knitting sneakers for the army checking numbers off the telly making plans with Mister Felstead It does it no good it just needs more food have you heard of Meltinís worm, it finally killed him to death, now his ma feeds it, the uniforms fits so she sends it to school instead (i will always be inside) Keep away, feed the worm, Meltinís worm Melodies for the deaf (colours for the blind) All my life has been so missable A goddam crying shame Eyes to see with ears to hear while those whoíre not to blame Canít do what we take for granted trapped in their own heads I know if it were to happen now Iíd wish that I were dead I complain about my looks I feel bad Ďbout my hair Jesus thatís so sad I admit it now Why should anyone care let me be your ears your eyes your legs Iím what you need I canít go on living this life Wrapped in my own greed I donít imagine Iíll go, you never wanted to be that way, I never wanted to be this way I love the light that shines and the sound thatís all around I love the light that shines and the sound thatís all around And everyone knows Itís hard to do and say what is right But thatís allright Cos weíve got colours for the blind Get on the bus Though you know you have to go Itís much too hard to do Pack all your things though you only have a few We have got no business here thereís nothing left for us get on the bus... Streets stretch out miles ahead half blind wishing Iíd come to bed Whereís he? I told him there on this day at this hour I donít wanna make a scene or cause a fuss Here it is right on time, it really is a must Get on the bus Streets stretch out miles away As we have this curse place on time where next Iíve no idea Ask the driver if you care I donít wanna make a scene or cause a fuss Here it is right on time, it really is a must Get on the bus So we proved weíre alive Showed that we can beat time Another one joins the line of those whoíve died But I still see Yes I still hear and Oh! what a time we had Oh! what a time we had... Everything is sorrow And you know you shouldnít have another cigarette but nothing else makes sense, nothing else will recompense and you get your loneliness out of a magazine you never felt nothing at all no-one else will ever know another one has dragged you home and sworn that youíre the only one you dream theyíll play a special part youíll write their name across your heart but then itís back inside your head the thought that it will turn out bad a fleeting glimpse of what is bound to be now the phone has lost its voice youíre on your own again spend your time on endless bedroom floor soliloquies the only voices youíll hear all day will it always be this way (yes) once you recognise the truth that all is sad and youíre the proof you might as well fight the day kick back at the pricks taht say all is school and work no more break your back itís not your war disengage the only way to win opened up my paintbox it had all turned to blue I worked in Birkenhead for you it brings me tears even now you tried to kill me break my will you almost won I hate you still the hated suffer not whatís worse the hater carries round the curse it eats me up the cancer that is you donít paint blue all the time know the truth read the signs live your life as a lie you donít have to die Bullfrog green He had a ticket but what was weird they found it in his ear She gave a fortune to those in need But her heart was saved for me MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, TUESDAY IS HER BIRTHDAY BLUE BALLOON FOR YOU, RED BALLOON FOR HER Outside the sky is filled with rain And Iím glad to be home again, oh yeah? The sky was bullfrog green Man you would have been amazed The rain beat up the fields My mind turned from less fortunate days Whatís in the box? (see whatcha got) Itís as big or if you want it too small for the eye to see Dare you take a peek inside it forget yourself what can it be? things you know you shouldnít look at Things you know you shouldnít see things my dad couldnít explain And things that others kept from me It could be places youíve not been or something of which youíre ashamed Sometime when you took the credit Another when you look the blame Itís in your head and in your heart Itís everywhere you can see címon kids and smash the lock reach within and find the key Crawl inside and leave the rest behind Címon now, look in the box and see whatcha got Four saints Leaves everywhere outside your house running after you Ďcos you walk too fast And we canít find a cab looks like the Northern line again Remember that time outside your room playing with the cat just me and you It was my favourite time My world stopped for just an hour I am the voice but not the sound I can go up yet still be down And you donít know the places that Iíve been to you wouldnít like mýe if you knew (whatcha gonna do when it all breaks down? whatcha gonna do when you lose the sound?) Donít remind me I cannot say (What happened to the fire that got you through? The days when nothing went right to you?) Hey! nothing changed Iím still the same Hey boy whatís the score donít you give a shit about yourself no more? If you donít want me to be real donít look up to me There are three saints that shaped my life Alban, Bede and Mary Iíve nothing but disrespect for them And for what they almost made me Those who taught, taught what they were taught and not what they had learned Sister I canít feel what you feel let me try Brother lay your arms down and open your eyes I believe in love (wow!) laugh if you must I donít care... cos I donít dare New Brighton Promenade (for James) New Brighton Promenade what am I trying to say you were just on my mind do you remember me? This life is not easy but one thing that can please me the memory of me and my friends kickiní round your shores New Brighton Promenade Itís Nineteen Eighty Three for ever on the place where the baths used to be And time has passed quickly The years have been kind to me The memories go but my friends will always be around You still exist inside my head, thereís no such thing as being dead when somebody keeps your ghost inside And if you looked inside my head you wouldnít not find a mind instead Step into New Brighton Promenade Fortunate Sons Youíre pretty and you know it Youíre stupid and you show it If thereís a soul behind your face at all Iím struggling to see it Now smile for the camera Youíve got what theyíre after Yes itís all you wanted But itís that has suffer to suffer this The best clubs in London youíll always be around them but drinkiní ainít liviní and drinkiní ainít giviní Nah drinkinís just drinkinís just drinkiní My sisterís father had a wife Whose husband had a father Who taught me how to live But died all alone And I wish that I was with him I could tell him all the things that heís missed And all the things that you think When you think that youíre alone But, man, you canít see whatís going on At the minute you can do nothing wrong Yes you are a fortunate son But you wonít fool the kids for long Shelter I remember at school there was always some fool teaching us about the past Pictures of kids, starving, eating out of bins Man we all had to laugh Itís hard to believe we were told with relief It couldnít happen now of course Itís easy to expound with your head in the ground Iíve since learnt that and more What is there to do Iím allright so are you but outside there are TB streets You can cry a lot say ĎOh! my God!í but as an action it is incomplete put money in the hands of those who understand Give shelter of the roofless heads Itís hard to deny when you open your eyes and listen to yourself instead And youíll think youíve gone crazy but you hope it will pass Itís a sickening feeling maybe it wonít last It shouldnít be happening at this point in time With these houses standing empty Ride the tiger (for Rebecca) I donít really need to be the way I are I donít really need to always go so far I could get by on being alive but having no life I donít really need a fuel infected car I donít really need (or want) to be some kind of star I could get by on being alive but having no life You donít really know what it is you ask All that I want is to find some piece at last take it further Ride the tiger (Ride the tiger poem: Geoff Bird) One last hurrah Words donít mean a thing they tend to be just what is said to get by, without a sign, of what is in your head, words alone cannot condone or condemn anyone, ease your pain or rearrange something thatís been done, but whatís to say anyway One last time and then, I couldnít manage anymore, I know I should think more about it I know I should try for one last hurrah